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A shot at a perfect direction but you wouldn’t

A child of the modern selection but you wouldn’t

A ride on a green neon wave but you wouldn’t

A light through the steel barricade but you wouldn’t

Reach for me


Someday you’ll see, someday you will grieve

Vanish with me, in silver skies of solitude


A fight to arouse the incentive but you couldn’t

A trick to reclaim the offensive but you couldn’t

A glimpse at the fate of a lifetime but you couldn’t

Break the cycle, calm the echoes that force you 

To creep through me


With me or not

Hopelessly drifting too deep

Hero to none

Betraying the saviours you need


Take it back from you
There’s no way of tricking you 
In the glowlight
In the fool fight


Look in my blue screen
Caught about a killer that you’ve just seen 
In the grass fume
I need another soon


Suck me look at my disease
Tell me what you think of me
Blow me look at my reprieve
Show me what you took from me


Talking while my point’s in hand
Eating someone’s burning sand
With another


If you think that I still see
I don’t need what you believe
I’m the cover
For the other


Choke me
Hold me
Suck me 
Blow me


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